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Can I use my car seat on an airplane?


Car seat manufacturers must comply with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) FMVSS 213 airline certification. This is a self-certification and includes all car seats with 5-point harness that can be installed with lap belt-only. The certification testing for aircraft travel is within the child restraint standard FMVSS213. NHTSA also tests our child restraint systems, which includes the certification to allow the statement certified for use in aircraft. However, NHTSA will not “certify” our child restraint systems, nor any other manufacturer’s child restraint systems. Not all car seat platforms meet the certification testing for aircraft use, such as our belt positioning booster seats.

• The car seat should be installed in the aircraft seat in the same way that it is installed in the vehicle with a lap belt.
• Use on forward-facing aircraft seats only and in a position where the lap belt can be tightened securely.
• It is suggested to install the child restraint in a window seat to avoid blocking the aisle.
• If the aircraft lap belt is too short, ask the flight attendant for a belt extender.
• Store lower anchor belt and tether strap when using aircraft belts.
• It is always advisable to contact the airline for their specific policies prior to taking a car seat on board.

Some airlines may ask to see a label stating that this child restraint is certified for aircraft
use. There is an airplane certification label located on your child restraint as shown.

NOTE: Belt-positioning boosters are NOT certified for use on airlines. They require use of lap/shoulder belts and airlines offer lap belt only.

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