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What are the features for the Pre-Cruiser Ready Set?


  • Includes 12 safeguarding aids to help create a safe environment for cruising baby
  • 4 Grip ‘n Twist Door Knob covers help to block entrance or exit to high-traffic rooms that small children don’t belong in
  • 2 Furniture Wall Straps to help secure a piece of furniture or bookshelf that baby may try to climb
  • 2 Multi-purpose Straps that can be used to lock bottom drawers that baby can use to climb up or secure easily accessible appliances that baby can reach and pull open
  • 1 Easy Grip Toilet Lock to help keep baby from falling into or playing with toilet water
  • 2 Double-Touch Plug & Outlet Covers are ideal for keeping baby out of outlets the family uses frequently
  • 1 Cord Shortener secures excess cord away from baby
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