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Gate Measurements


No - Before you purchase a gate, you will want to measure the space where it will go and consider your needs (extra tall height, extra wide doorways, etc). If it's a staircase, measure both the top and bottom of the staris. If it's a doorway, measure between the walls and the skirting boards for a perfect fit. You often buy extensions for your safety gate.

Easy Install Walk- Thru Gate extend 29-38" W and stands 28" H. 

Easy Install Decor Tall & Wide Gate extends 29-47" W and stands 36"H.

Ready to Install Gate extends 29-42" W and stands 30"H.

Easy Install Tall & Wide Gate extends 29-47"W and stands 36"H. 

Easy Install Auto-Close Gate extends 29-38"W and stands 28"H.

Top of Stairs Decor Swing Gate extends 27"-42"W and stands 28"H.

Wide & Sturdy Sliding Metal Gate extends 40-64" W and stands 26.5"H.

Easy-Fit Security Gate extends 28-42"W and stands 27"H.

Lift, Lock & Swing Dual-Mode Gate extends 28-42"W and stands 26"H.

Bamboo Doorway Gate extends 27-42"W and stands 24"H.

23" Wood Security Gate (Natural with White) extends 28-41"W and stands 23"H.

Simply Secure 23" Doorway Gate (Cream) extends 28-38"W and stands 23.5"H.

Bamboo Doorway Gate extends from 28 inches to 42 inches.

Easy-Fit Security Gate extends fro 28 inches to 42 inches.

24" Wood Security Gate extends from 27 inches to 42 inches.

Wide Doorways Fabric Gate stretches from 38 inches to 60 inches.

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