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Monitor Troubleshooting


If your monitor is not working properly, please use the following troubleshooting:

Move the receiver and/or transmitter to different areas in your room.

If you have any WiFi devices such as cordless phones or other monitors, unplug them from the electrical outlet. 

Try unplugging other electronic items that are near either the transmitter or receiver. For example: If you have wireless products on the other side of the wall or close by in an ajacent room, you right consider moving those to test as well.

Remember that anything that works on a public airwave can be a potential interference. Airwaves can shift so items that may not have caused a problem before, may suddenly become a problem. Try unplugging and leaving these electronic items unplugged while you adjust your monitor to get the signal back. 

Items that can cause undesirable interference with your monitor system could include but are not limited to:

Mircowaves, clock radios/stereos, garage door openers, wi-fi/moderns, cordless phones & cell phones, CB & 2 way- radios, police scanners, satellite dishes, wireless security systems, wireless computer accesories (mouse. keyboard, speakers), invisible pet fences, and additional monitor systems.


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