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When can my child use the Safety 1st stroller?


Our Safety 1st strollers do not have a specific age limit or requirement for use. They are designed, tested, and approved for use with children who:
• Can sit up unassisted.
• When seated, the midpoint of their head is at or below the top of the stroller seat.
• For Travel systems, Joggers, and Convenience (stand-alone) strollers – Weight limit of 50 lbs. or less. For Umbrella strollers – Weight limit of 40 lbs. or less.
• Our Safety 1st strollers are not approved for use with newborns in the toddler seat alone – but most do accept an infant car seat to allow for use from birth.

Current Safety 1st models that allow for use with a newborn, when a car seat is secured to the stroller frame include:

Smooth Ride
Step n Go
Interval Jogger
Amble Luxe
Amble Quad

If you have questions as to whether your stroller can be used with a car seat for your newborn, please check your instruction manual, complete our Contact Form, or contact a Consumer Care Representative at 1-800-544-1108 for additional assistance.

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