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How should I use my top tether strap?


When to use top tether:
• Safety 1st infant car seat models do NOT use tether for rear facing only installations.
• Safety 1st convertible car seat models do NOT use tether for rear facing installations.
• You MUST always attach, adjust, and secure the top tether (anchorage) strap when installing Safety 1st convertible models forward facing with internal harness. Tethers improve the installation and stability of child restraints and reduce the risk of injury.
• Check your vehicle owner’s manual for more information on available locations and potential restrictions/requirements for use and installation.

How to use top tether
• If the seating position does not have a tether anchor, use a different seating position or see your dealer or a qualified mechanic and have one installed.
• Attach the tether hook to the tether anchor designated by your vehicle manufacturer for that seating position.
• Do NOT fasten multiple tether hooks on the same tether anchor in vehicle.

Adjusting tether strap:
• To tighten – After the child restraint is locked into place with lower anchor (LATCH) belt or vehicle belt, push down on child restraint and gently pull on free end of tether. Tighten until you remove all slack and create tension on the tether strap.
• To loosen – Lift up on tether lock adjuster and push it towards tether hook.

Storing tether strap: When installing rear facing or when not in use, attach the tether hook to its storage attachment on back of shell as shown. Gently tighten to remove slack.

Installing/attaching tether strap:
• Once child restraint has been placed forward-facing against vehicle seat back, loosely attach tether hook to vehicle’s designated tether anchor.
• Consult vehicle owner's manual for specific locations

• NOTE: Give special attention to whether the tether strap must be routed over or under the vehicle headrest. This will typically be noted in the vehicle owner’s manual.
• Install car seat per instruction manual (via EITHER vehicle seat belts OR lower anchor strap).
• Tighten tether (see "Adjusting Tether strap" above for detailed instructions)
• Check belt tightness: hold car seat at belt path with weakest hand and push/pull from side-to-side. Seat should not move more than 1” at the belt path.



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