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Complete Air Convertible Car Seat Tips


Height limitation of the Complete Air: If you would like to rear-face your child in the Complete Air, he or she must be 40 inches or under and their head must not reach past the top of the headrest. If your child is 40 inches, but still has clearance to the top of the headrest, we cannot recommend that you use the Complete Air to rear-face your child. Once your child has reached 40 lbs or 40 inches or if the top of your child's head reaches past the top of the headrest (any one of these criteria), we cannot recommend you use this car seat to rear-face your child.

Recline Angle: When the level-to-ground line on the Complete Air is used correctly, the back angle and the level-to-ground line that is molded in the side of the car seat should be 45-degrees. If you cannot achieve this angle in your vehicle, we cannot recommend you use this car seat to rear-face your child.

Clearance from the top of the shell: When rear-facing your child in the Complete Air, we do not use the 1 inch clearance rule of thumb. Instead, we state you can use the seat up to the point that the top of the child's head does not go past the top of the headrest as long as your child is not over 40 inches or over 40 lbs. At this time, the 1 inch rule only applies to our infant car seat. It is a specific guideline to each manufacturer, not an industry standard.

It is our policy and CPS Curriculum to follow the manufacturer's written instructions. It is the case with all of our car seats (except the OnBoard Infant Seat which has dual level positions), to use the level-to-ground line for all weights and heights while rear-facing, which is 45 degrees.


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