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How should I maintain my stroller?


Hard parts: the frame and wheels on the Safety 1st strollers are easy to clean. Remove all dirt, mud and other debris using a damp cloth. Do not use silicon lubricants, as they will attract dirt and grime. Use a dry Teflon spray instead. 

Fabrics: the fabric parts of the Safety 1st strollers must be washed by hand.

Pneumatic tires: the tires are fitted with a car tire valve. They can be inflated using a pump or at a garage/petrol station. Make sure not to exceed the maximum pressure of 1.8 bar. Also make sure that all tires are inflated sufficiently and equally (at least 1.5 bar, maximum of 1.8 bar/26 PSI), to ensure the stroller is comfortable to push and to prevent premature wear and tear.



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