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How do I clean my Safety 1st car seat?


Please review your model-specific car seat manual for cleaning instructions.  The majority of current Safety 1ST car seat fabrics are now machine washable/dryer safe.  HOWEVER, there are some models and fabrics (i.e.: older seat models or models with special detailing) that require special care and consideration.  These models CANNOT be machine washed.  The instruction manual for the seat will advise exactly how that fabric needs to be clean for longevity, long-term use, and beauty.

For general reference, our various wash/care instructions are below.  You will want to refer to your care tag/instructions in order to determine which option below applies to your specific seat/model.

For machine-washable models:  Machine wash separately with cold water on a gentle cycle.  Make sure harness covers are closed so fastening strips are not exposed.  Do not use bleach.  Tumble dry separately for 10-12 minutes on low heat.  Remove immediately.

For hand-wash models:  Hand wash padding with warm sudsy water.  Rinse clean and air dry.  Do NOT machine wash or place in dryer.  

Additional maintenance steps for all models:


  • Cleaning harness straps:  Spot clean only using warm sudsy water and damp cloth.  Do not soak or wash in machine.  Soaking the straps can damage/compromise the webbing on your straps.
  • Cleaning crotch buckle assembly: Wipe the outside of the buckle with a damp cloth.  Spot clean strap with warm sudsy water and damp cloth.  Do not soak or immerse in water.  Check buckle for dropped food, sticky spilled drinks, or other debris.  If needed, clean with a cotton swab and/or remove any debris with tweezers. 
  • Do NOT use bleach or harsh chemicals on your car seat and do not dry clean the fabrics.




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