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Can my car seat be used after a crash?


Do not risk your child’s safety.


To keep your child as safe as possible, Dorel Juvenile Group strongly recommends replacing the car seat even after a minor crash; even if it was not occupied at the time.


Replacement After a Minor Crash

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that for a crash to be considered minor ALL of the following must be true:

  • Vehicle able to drive away from the crash site; AND
  • Vehicle door nearest the car seat was not damaged; AND
  • No passengers were injured; AND
  • Airbags did not deploy; AND
  • There is no visible damage to the car seat.


If the crash your car seat was involved in meets ALL the criteria, you may not need to replace the car seat.


If one or more of these criteria are not true or if you are uncertain of any of your answers, replace the car seat immediately.


Replacement After a Moderate to Severe Crash

You must replace this car seat if it has been in a moderate to severe car crash.


This car seat is intended to protect a child in a single crash. During a crash, the car seat and all of its parts absorb crash energy which can deform or weaken it. Damage is not always visible. A damaged car seat must be replaced immediately.



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