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My child has outgrown his booster seat. Is it safe for him to ride in the front seat?


Any child under 13 years of age should sit in a back seating position and should always be properly buckled up. Be sure anyone with whom your child is riding is aware of this rule. Research shows that children in the front seat are at 40% greater risk of injury, compared with children in the rear (Effects of Seating Position and Appropriate Restraint Use on the Risk of Injury to Children in Motor Vehicle Crashes, Pediatrics 2005). Children are shown to be safer in an appropriate rear seat, whether a vehicle has conventional airbags, advanced airbags, or no airbags at all.

Additionally, some states do have laws/regulations regarding front seat usage and what age is acceptable for transition to the front seat.  We have included a helpful link below to view these state laws via the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA):

Please note:  State law is not always best practice.  We recommend children under 13 remain in the back seat and buckled up!



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