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What is the proper recline angle for my rear-facing car seat?


When your car seat is installed in your vehicle and your child is secured in the car seat, the level lines on the side of the plastic shell must be level with the ground. Testing has shown that the resulting angle leads to the best crash test performance

For Safety 1st models, there are various level-to-ground indicators that include (but are not limited to): a line molded directly on the shell, lines indicated on labelling (on side of seat), or a hard bubble indicator.

For infant car seat models, the included stay-in-car base is typically adjustable for proper fit to your vehicle. Many of our convertible models also offer a built-in attached base with recline feature for rear facing installation. Please refer to your model-specific instruction manual for detailed instructions on adjusting your recline feature/mechanism.

If your vehicle seat is deeply sloped, you may need to place a rolled towel or foam noodle on the vehicle seat at the vehicle seat bight (the point where the vehicle seat cushion meets the vehicle seat back). This will help accommodate steeply sloped vehicle seats and ensure the level line on the side of the car seat is level to ground.  These options are extensively tested with our seats and approved to meet/exceed all standards as alternative options for installation/recline if needed.


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