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Why install a safety gate?


Gates safely keep children in a designated room or area and keep them out of/prevent them from entering others. A safety gate is installed to prevent falls down the stairs and keep children out of restricted or potentially hazardous places (e.g. kitchen or back hallway) Also, to keep children in designated and safe play areas (e.g. living or bedroom).There are two kinds of safety gates:

A pressure mounted gate is easily removable and doesn’t need to be drilled or screwed into a wall. These are great for mounting in hallways, doorways, and bottom of stairs.

A hardware mounted gate does require drilling for installation and mounting to the wall or molding, but this does allow for installation at the top of stairs as well as hallways, doorways, and bottom of stairs.

You will want to install a gate when your child becomes mobile to help reduce potential accidents in your home. They can typically be used from 6 months to 2 years of age.

Please note: While gates do help to reduce potential dangers and accidents, parent/adult supervision is the ultimate safety device. Never leave a child unattended or allow them to climb on any safety gate.




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